Here are a few sources that may help you as you plan and prepare for your next vacation:

Health Requirements for International Travel
Check on the precautionary health requirements or vaccines recommended for the specific country you are visiting.
Customs Information - U.S. State Dept.
Make sure you know what you can bring into the United States when you travel abroad.
Passport Information - U.S. State Dept.
Obtain a new or renew and existing U.S. passport.
Travel Tips - U.S. State Dept.
Time Zone Information.
Calculate local time in the destination you will be visiting.
Calling codes.
Information on country calling codes.
Currency Conversion Information
Calculate the value of the foreign currency you will be using on your vacation or journey.
Tourism Offices Contact Information
This is a great source for getting more location specific information from government sponsored tourism organizations around the world. The information is usually provided free of charge.
Weather Information
Displays current weather conditions forecasts throughout the world.
Travel Insurance
Metric Conversions
Tipping Guidelines

Wi-Fi Service Resources
Find free and fee based wireless internet services while you are traveling.