Indonesia: Island Archipeligo Adventure

This was my first visit to Indonesia and it was a wonderful surprise. Indonesia is the world’s largest island archipeligo with more than 17,500 islands, of which 6,000 are inhabited, and only 1000 are permanently settled. Don’t be misled by this island nation…the total land mass is roughly 3 times the size of Texas. The 5 major islands are densely populated, with the island of Java (about the size of New York state) being the most densely populated area on earth. Indonesia is home to beautiful green vegetation, golden beaches, and volcanic peaks. Each island has its own culture that has been beautifully preserved through dance, story telling, shadow puppets, and arts and crafts. The people are proud of their heritage and their nation (formed in 1948 after World War II). This is truly a place to experience a facinating blend of cultures, majestic landscapes, ancient arts and crafts, and Indonesian cuisine.

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