Horses, Camels & Donkeys…Oh MY!

There are a number of ways to get to the carefully hidden ancient city of Petra from the entrance to this magnificent site. After entering, the options for transport are: on foot, on horseback, or by horse drawn carriage along the path to the Siq (canyon walk). We chose to walk since it was a beautiful, sunny day in January, and the path is well kept and easy to manage. The walk through the siq is breathtaking, with each turn displaying a shaft of unexpected light, changing colors of the rock face and

the determined tree here and there, growing out of what seems to be solid stone. Once in the city of Petra, camels and donkeys are available for transport, if you don’t want to walk any further. It is truly marvelous to see how immense Petra was (and still is), with its amphitheatre, ancient gardens, and stone carved buildings. Cave dwellings are also apparent. In fact, we stopped at a cafe housed in one of the caves to enjoy a glass of hot mint tea. Just the thing to revive weary travelers. I will admit, that after walking about 3 km, riding a donkey really didn’t seem as unreasonable as it had at the beginning of our trek. All in all…Petra should be on your bucket list.

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