Finding the Lost City

Lorene at Petra

Finding the Lost City of Petra

There is something truly exhilarating about exploring a hidden city, built and left uninhabited by a lost civilation. Walking the winding path of the Siq, between narrow canyon walls was a trek of building anticipation. Each turn along the canyon walk brings new hope of what will be seen next. At that final turn, one can see a slice of the “Treasury” building of Petra, gleaming orange in the gap between the canyon walls. I have wanted to see Petra ever since I watched Indiana Jonesfind this lost treasure and navigate his path there. And I was not disappointed…there is so much more to Petra than just one ancient ruin. The city goes on and on through the well protected and hidden canyon in which it is built, displaying many, many more ruins of ancient buildings cut into the rock cliffs. Walking through the full city is not to be missed.

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