Family Travel: A Taste of Scotland and Ireland

How does one have just “A Taste of Scotland and Ireland”? The purpose of a trip like this is to give the inquisitive traveler the essence of culture and history of a lot of sites in a short amount of time, and yet leave you with the desire to come back and see more. Well, it was successful! We had a wonderful taste and want to come back to see and do more. We were with our extended family, a group of 12 people ranging in age from 22 to 76, who live in different regions of the United States and don’t get to see each other often. While the sites we saw were wonderful and inspiring, the best part of the trip was
watching the connections being made between the generations of our family. At one point, my uncle from California turned to his twenty-something grand-daughter who lives in Maryland, and said, “I bet you never thought you would be sitting in a pub in Ireland with your grandfather.”

The tour was a great way to coordinate a family group of this size…making sure that everyone got to see or do something that was of special interest for them. For example, Kathleen, who loves Scottish history, wanted to see the Battlefield of Culloden, Sandy got to experience the drive around the Iveragh Peninsula in Ireland, known as the “Ring of Kerry”, Jim got to search for Nessie at Loch Ness, while standing in the ruins of Urquhart Castle, Lorene got to eat plenty of scones with cream and jam, and Tom got to kiss the blarney stone so that he could get the gift of eloquence (or gab, as they say). Not that he needs it, mind you. We were also able to visit museums, castles, small towns, large towns, whisky (Scotland) and whiskey (Ireland) distilleries, and beautiful scenery (Scottish Highlands, Cliffs of Moher, Iveragh Peninsula). And to do it all together…truly priceless.

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