Disappointed in the Big Easy?

Then it is your own fault. That is my conclusion after spending the past week-end delighting in the vast array of amazing dining options, live music, and the historical treasures. We also found treasures in many of New Orleans’ amazing restaurants, such as the “beignet” (think hot, fresh doughnut, only 10 times better), the bacon and fried oyster po’ boy sandwich, and shrimp and andouille ravioli. Our tour of restaurants took us to three very different, but exquisite 5 star restaurants. When dining at Brightsen’s Restaurant, you feel as if you are enjoying dinner in the home of your close friends who are serving the best New Orleans has to offer. Located in a “shot-gun” style, older house, this restaurant provides an intimate setting and creative cuisine. Make your reservations well in advance and ask for the “alpha” or “beta” tables, located in a private alcove. On our second night, we enjoyed the elegance of both ambiance and cuisine at Restaurant August. Chef John Besh’s creation remains one of New Orleans highly tauted dining establishments, with good reason. The highlight of my eating experience there were the beignets drizzled with chocolate and caramel and dusted with powdered sugar. And last, but not least was experiencing the bliss of our favorite comfort foods at Cochon. The atmosphere is casual and festive, but the award winning restaurant satisfies the soul with its creative homestyle cooking.

The Garden district is easily accessible by trolley car, which is a charming way to see the grand old homes of New Orleans. We used this mode of transportation to get to Pascal’s Manele Restaurant, home of the original “barbequed shrimp”. Whether sitting at the Cafe du Monde, eating beignets and sipping cafe au lait or enjoying the heritage of New Orleans jazz at Preservation Hall, New Orleans has much to savor and enjoy.

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