Savoring Breakfast in the African Bush

Getting up at the crack of dawn is not something I do everyday, however, when on safari, seeing the crack of dawn is part of the unforgettable and joyous experience of an early morning game drive in Africa. Dawn is one of the best times of day to see the zebras, elephants, wildebeest, and gazelles as they make their way to the popular watering holes. And of course, where the herbivores gather, the carnivores soon congregate, creating the tensions of nature.
Before leaving camp for our morning jaunt, we drank coffee and ate wonderful brioche, then set off to explore life on the plains. Everyone should see the sun rise over the savannah at least once in their life. The monotone grass looks gray in the predawn light and then begins slowly to come to life with light and color. I would never have guessed that the color purple is part of a sunrise.

After a couple of hours driving around the reserve and watching the animals start their day, our land rover pulled up to a cluster of trees where we found a bountifully set table and our camp staff cooking breakfast for us over an open fire. After seeing the table, we could smell bacon, eggs and bread and were thrilled to be served a scrumptious and hearty breakfast in the middle of the bush. It was a complete surprise and an unexpected way to appreciate the natural beauty of Africa. Truly, it was a breakfast to remember and savor!

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