Why We Love Italy!

When polled about their favorite international destination, the majority of Americans fervently crown Italy with this coveted title, and have done so for many years!  So what is all this fuss about?  Well, let’s face it – Italy is a great place to visit and after having the great pleasure of being there twice this year, we know why…

  1. There are amazing cities and sites!  These places tell the fascinating story of European development and culture.  The relics of past civilizations are evident in Rome, the rebirth of art and learning is present in Florence, the preservation of ancient life is seen in Pompei, the simple joy of country life is defined by Tuscany, and the natural beauty found from the Alps to the Amalfi coast is unimaginably splendid.
  2. The food is simple, with amazing flavors!  It is in Italy that I truly came to understand the pure joy of eating a warm, sun-ripened tomato, appreciating a fine olive oil in which to dip my bread, salivating over a ripened pecorino cheese with a Chianti wine, and savoring a great prosciutto and melon salad.  And last, but not least is the need to taste the gelato in each town we visited, sometimes more than once!
  3. It is easy to feel welcomed.  The Italian people are friendly and very proud of their country.  They want you to experience their food, culture, and history.  They make excellent hosts.
  4. The Sweet Life, or La Dolce Vita, is contagious!  The joy of life and appreciating the small things that are often overlooked is evident in daily routines.  Appreciating food, sunshine, wine, laughter, friendship, and of course, love are all part of the Italian culture.  It can be experienced when walking through outdoor markets, gazing at a priceless work of art, sitting in the shadow of an ancient ruin on a hot day, or eating pizza at an outdoor café.

We hope to have many more visits to this amazing country and understand well, the reasons Italy is so loved.

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