Shiraz in South Africa

Shiraz vines grow not three feet from our patio at La Petite Ferme. Up close, you can see the green grapes start to ripen. However, as you look further, the rows stretch out and blend into a carpet of green as they slope down the hill. We are looking down into the Franschhoek Valley (translated as French Corner), with its fruit orchards, vineyards, and purple lavender fields pieced together as if they were part of a patchwork quilt. This area was first settled by the French Huguenots in the mid to late 1600’s, and they have left their mark in the beautiful white washed French style buildings with gardens that look like Monet could have painted them. The last elephants left this valley in the 1850’s and there is nothing here to disturb the vineyards except the occasional baboon troupe.

We love the food here. There are so many amazing restaurants and they are all in great demand because we are only a little over an hour from Capetown. People come here just to taste the wine and cheese and eat great food.

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