Up Close and Personal in Shark Alley

right whales

If you have ever watched “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, you know that Walker Bay, on the southern coast of South Africa, is the home of “Shark Alley”, a favorite hunting ground for the Great White Sharks. We tried to get the professed shark lovers of our group to get into the shark diving cage to get an up close and personal experience; it looked absolutely fabulous and very safe.

We had the most incredible fortune in that we were able to see all of the “Marine Big Five” in one boat trip. The Great White Shark was 300 feet off shore in very shallow water. A little further out, Humpback Dolphins were exuding pure joy in the synchronized dance they performed over the gentle swells. We were pleasantly surprised to find several Southern Right Whales still in the bay. They had calved late in the season and are waiting for their babies to become strong enough to make the long trek to the Arctic Ocean. Cape Fur Seals and their pups dominate Geyser Island. There were over 2000 seals sprawled on every available exposed rock. And then there are the “Southern African Penguins” bobbing in the water, hunting for fish with the rest of the gang. As you can see, the sharks have little difficulty finding dinner, and thrive in “Shark Alley”.

We enjoyed our time in the Western Cape and the South Coast of Africa. It was truly a joy to view the marine life, as well as the beautiful natural scenery of both land and sea. Call me for recommendations in this incredible part of the world.

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