Sunset on the Mozambique Channel

sunset across the mozambique channel

We were startled awake at 3:15 am this morning by the poultry chorus. The rooster outside our beach bungalow began the choir with a cock-a doodle-doo that a series of ready roosters were willing to echo in succession up and down the beach, thus dispelling the myth that roosters only crow at sunrise.

Morondava is a friendly seaside town with a lovely breeze to balance the hot rays of the afternoon sun. Watching the sun set across the Mozambique channel has become one of my favorite past times in Madagascar. Here the sunset is soft orange against the vivid blue ocean. We feel comfortable here and walk into town from the beach to shop for “lambaoanys” (pronounced lombawanny) at the “Lambaoany Palais” (where else?). Lambaoanys are the cloth used as a skirt, shawl, baby carrier, and anything else you can think of, and yes, those of you in the Chicago area are going to have to suffer through me showing you how to tie a lambaoany, similar, but not exactly like the Tanzanian “kanga”.

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