In Search of the Elusive Fosa in Madagascar


We drove through the Avenue de Baobabs, one of the most photographed sites in Madagascar. The giant trees, with stubby, root-like branches line the road majestically as they welcome travelers on their way to the Kirindy Forest.

At lunch today, we had the Malagasy drink, “ranompango”, made with water and burned rice. It was the color of weak tea and had a smoky rich flavor. It was surprisingly good.

Kirindy is a deciduous forest and many of the leaves had already fallen (it is winter here). It was great to see the many lemurs, although some do hibernate during the winter months. Our most exciting encounter at Kirindy was with the elusive “fosa” (pronounced foosa), Madagascar’s largest predator. The fosa is usually difficult to see and also hard to photograph because they are very fast. They are a member of the cat family and can climb trees to prey on lemurs; however, their faces look more like a dog. I was able to take a very bad picture, which is better than no picture at all.

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