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We finished the “train the trainer” session with the Tanzania Association of Women Entrepreneurs (TAWE) and these women never cease to amaze me. We asked them to present some of the material we trained them on earlier in the week, to show that they have learned how to train selling and mentoring skills to other women. Each woman came to the training session that day, wearing her very best dress for this occasion and beaming with pride at being able to show us what she had learned. I wish all my training participants were as eager to learn new material as these women are.

Because in Tanzania nothing goes to waste, the TAWE ladies from the town of Dodoma laid claim to the “used” flip chart pages that we made to conduct the training. These women took every single sheet we used and will either re-use the same sheet or write on the back of them. The woman who claimed the used flipcharts was delighted. We don’t always know what will be precious to people.

We had only enough money in our budget to pay for an interpreter during the training session and had not planned to have Emmanuel, our interpreter, with us for the whole week. We were shocked when Emmanuel told us that he wanted to come back on Friday and would volunteer his time to end the week with us. He was learning a lot and enjoying his time in the training sessions.

As we left the ladies of TAWE, they thanked each one of us by giving us a “kanga”, colorful cloth that you wrap around you to make a dress. (I think I can actually tie mine this year…but note, this picture is NOT attached). I am thankful to have had this opportunity and once again, am in awe of the women of TAWE.

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