Dazzling Colors in Mwanza, Tanzania

pink and purple lizard

I looked out the window and saw a lizard that left me speechless. He
had bright purple on the bottom half of his body and bright fluorescent pink on the top half. I was speechless because it just seemed preposterous that a lizard could have a different color top and bottom and that the colors would be so dazzling. The manager of the very modern Bank of Tanzania Training Center saw me taking a picture of the lizard through the window and said to me, “Did you take a picture of the other one?” (Other one? What other one?) “The one at the top of the stairs”, he said. And, sure enough, there was a big lizard, crawling up the side of the wall, inside the training center, just like he belonged there. No one bothered him or removed him. He lives there. Later, we saw that we had several lizard visitors quietly “auditing” our class in the training room, perched on the walls or ceiling rafters.

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