White Rhinos at Lewa Downs, Kenya

white rhinos

Lewa Downs is a conservation area just north of Mt. Kenya, where White Rhinos have been reintroduced into the area. Yesterday, we were able to get close enough to the rhinos to see them drinking at the waterhole at sunset. We came to Lewa Downs for many reasons, but first and foremost was to see wild animals that are not found in the other regions of Kenya, which we were visiting. Yes, we wanted to see the rhinos, which have been so successfully reintroduced, but also to see the Grevy Zebras, with the thin black stipes, so different from their cousins, the Burchell Zebra. It was also here, that we were able to see the Reticulated Giraffe. It is a reddish brown color with bright white lines separating the crisp block patterns on its coat.

While sitting on the terrace of our lovely stone cabin at Wilderness Trails, we saw two elephants grazing on the hillside. This morning we saw three cheetahs on our game drive. As we were driving back to the camp, our guides stopped the vehicles and we were surprised with a “bush breakfast”. This is a full breakfast, cooked outside, and eaten in splendor. After breakfast, we rode camels back to the camp, which has a swimming pool and tennis court.

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