Dining with Elephants in the Masai Mara, Kenya

elephant in little governors camp

It is true. The Masai Mara has some of the best game viewing in Kenya, hands down. The Masai Mara is the part of the Serengeti Plain that spills over into Kenya from Tanzania and is home to wildlife most of the year. We have seen a pride of 12 lions, with an adult male tagging along, hippos, cheetah, crocodiles, elephants, hyenas, giraffes and all the usual suspects. There are 42 different types of antelope here and I can only name about 10.

We stayed at Little Governor’s Camp, made infamous by Teddy Roosevelt. This place styles itself after an old time safari camp and uses kerosene gas lamps instead of electricity in the very luxurious tents. I am not sure you can really call this camping. At night the camp is magical with the lamps hanging from the trees and the sounds of animals, right outside our tent.

The elephants love this camp and live in it with us. Located on the banks of the Mara River under a shady grove of trees, our camp is situated between the river and a watering hole. Elephants wander thru the camp and the guards escort guests around the elephants. On our last evening, we were eating dinner outside under the trees by the camp fire, when the guards approached us and told us we
must move. They picked up our table and we moved out of the path of a meandering elephant. At night hippos walk past our tent to get to the watering hole. We are told, “don’t come out of your tent at night”… and with good reason.  You don’t want to get between an angry hippo and its watering hole.

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