Exploring Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa

green hills of africa

We are spending several days in the Chyulu Hills. These are Hemingway’s “green hills of Africa” and they are spectacular. Campi Ya Kanzi is run by an Italian couple, Luca and Antonella, in partnership with the local Maasai tribe who owns the land. The hills are very green with trees on the tops that are in a “cloud forest”. Each night the clouds settle on the hills, leaving dew and moisture to keep the area green and beautiful.

In the early evening, we set out each night to find a new place to watch the sunset. These “sundowners” create a great opportunity to get to know our hosts, members of the Masai tribe, as well as the other guests. We are about 30 miles from Mt Kilimanjaro and can see if from the hills where we watch the sunset.

Each night at the camp, a Maasai warrior wrapped in red and purple cloth, stood guard at our tent. We had not seen any predatory animals, however, we saw the prints of a young male lion. The wildlife here is harder to spot because of the forest, but when you track them down and find them, it is glorious. This is a small, intimate camp, where you can really see the local culture and enjoy the green scenery and search for wildlife.

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