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Trekking the Mountain Gorilla

Successfully traversing the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a feat in and of itself, but getting the chance to view Mountain Gorillas in their native habitat…truly priceless and well worth the effort it took to get there. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest … Continue reading

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Lesotho…Who Knew?

I knew where Lesotho was on the map, but never dreamed that I would ever visit this tiny landlocked country embedded in South Africa. Lesotho is also known as the “Mountain Kingdom”, from the time King Moshoeshoe (pronounced “Mashwayshway) united … Continue reading

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Lalibela: A Great Place to Stay

Lalibela is a fabulous place to explore, with a lovely hotel and unique restaurant. The Mountain View Hotel, sits on the ridge of an escarpment, overlooking an immense valley with rows and rows of jagged mountains visible in the distance. … Continue reading

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Lalibela: Ethiopia’s Hidden Treasure

Lalibela…the name rolls off the tongue, sounding melodic and mysterious; the experience will meet all expectations. It literally means

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The Different Faces of Bali

Bali is a small island, just east of Java, with a combination of serene beaches, active night life, artisan craftworks, a culture of dance and theatre, rainforests, volcanic mountains, green terraced rice fields, and great cuisine. We stayed on the … Continue reading

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Jogyakarta: Ancient Arts Preserved

Jogyakarta was one of the highlights of our trip to Indonesia. Why? This city is the gateway to two ancient architectural wonders…Prambanan (Hindu) and Borobudur (Buddhist) temples, as well as being an arts center for crafts that could be easily … Continue reading

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Indonesia’s Volcanoes and the Pacific Ring of Fire

While in Indonesia, we were able to see the beautiful mountain peaks wherever we went. These peaks are actually volcanoes as the islands of Indonesia sit on the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, which consists of the mountains, faults, and trenches … Continue reading

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Indonesia: Island Archipeligo Adventure

This was my first visit to Indonesia and it was a wonderful surprise. Indonesia is the world’s largest island archipeligo with more than 17,500 islands, of which 6,000 are inhabited, and only 1000 are permanently settled. Don’t be misled by … Continue reading

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Horses, Camels & Donkeys…Oh MY!

There are a number of ways to get to the carefully hidden ancient city of Petra from the entrance to this magnificent site. After entering, the options for transport are: on foot, on horseback, or by horse drawn carriage along … Continue reading

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Finding the Lost City

There is something truly exhilarating about exploring a hidden city, built and left uninhabited by a lost civilation. Walking the winding path of the Siq, between narrow canyon walls was a trek of building anticipation. Each turn along the canyon … Continue reading

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