Sleeping in a Treehouse, Nairobi, Kenya

treehouse bathtub

Nairobi. We were greeted by a herd of zebras on the side of the road as we left Nairobi airport last Saturday. Nairobi is very modern with most buildings less than 100 years old. The British influence is very strong, with cars driven on the left hand side of the road.  We stayed at a tree house hotel outside the city, built on stilts in the trees, overlooking the Ngong Hills. Every childhood fantasy about living in a tree comes to life here. The bathtub was carved out of a log and looked like a canoe.

We were able to visit Karen Blixen’s home, Ngong House, and the Giraffe Center, dedicated to conservation of the Rothschild Giraffe.  This giraffe has brown rectangular spots, separated by creamy colored lines.  We are enjoying the opportunity to see various types of giraffes and to be able to tell them apart.

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